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Ladie's Men's
Stephen 1010 kr 910 kr
Pia 850 kr 750 kr

Prices for colouring hair can vary according to the technique used. Techniques are determined by the following:

  • Lenght of hair
  • Type of haircut
  • Colour already in the hair
  • Condition of the hair
  • Hair texture
  • The desired effect you want

Full consultation with a colourist always take place to ensure an agreement as to how the colouring will look.

You can come into the salon for a a consultation prior to an appointment being made. Due to the importance of these aspects with regard to colour, appointments cannot be booked online.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Treatments are available at Mackinder Hair to improve condition and also as a remedy for damaged hair. Recommmendations as to the most suitable treatment will always be discussed when having a haircut or colour. Various treatments are also available for home use.

Please note: Mackinder Hair only accept Dankort payments or cash (DKK) Payments.

Gift Certificates Available

The Mackinder Team

Stephen Mackinder

Founder, Hairdresser

Tina Mackinder

Co-founder, Hairdresser

Education only

Pia Jensen

Master of color, Hairdresser

Mackinder Hair has re-established itself as a salon in Copenhagen with an unequivocal Sassoon presence.

Stephen worked for Vidal Sassoon for 32 years, both in London and Los Angeles, and still bases his cutting techniques on the ideals cutting hair the Sassoon way.

Pia who has now worked at Mackinder Hair for six years. She joined following a course she attended and was subsequently retrained for six months to ensure a high quality, both in cutting and colouring. She recently achieved her Master Colour Honour at Wellawhich she now combines with great haircuts.

To back all this up, Tina Mackinder, a former Vidal Sassoon teacher, is still very much a part of the Mackinder educatioanl team. A true inspiration joins this exciting team for dressing courses at Mackinder Hair. If you want a great haircut or colour, there is no better place than Mackinder Hair.

We believe technique, knowledge and creative thinking are the foundations of our hairdressing

We believe that our strength in technical excellence gives us the freedom to create hair that works for our clients and inspires other hairdressers

We want our clients to stand apart, to wear beautiful hair that is cut to fit only them.

We want to share our foundations with hair professionals from around the world, interested in acquiring the technical expertise to release their creative potential

We want to excel in the delivery of every one of our services.

Mackinder Hair was established in the summer of 2006 to bring premium quality hairdressing services and education to Copenhagen and the rest of Scandinavia.

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